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Code of Conduct Policy

Spectra’s Code of Conduct supports our commitment to provide duty of care to all employees and for clients receiving our service.

It sets out the minimum standards of behaviour in relation to:

  • how to perform daily duties,
  • behaviour towards other staff and clients, and
  • discrimination and harassment.

All employees have a responsibility to:

  • carry out their duties and behave according to the Code of Conduct,
  • report any suspected fraud, corruption, criminal or unethical behaviour and
  • report any breach of conduct.

When carrying out duties, employees shall:

  • respect the dignity, rights and views of others,
  • respect the right to privacy and confidentiality of personal information of individuals,
  • not harass or discriminate against any other staff member on the basis of age, gender,
  • sexual orientation, colour, race, religion, physical deformity or disability,
  • speak and act in a way that will not harm or offend a fellow worker or client,
  • intervene when another employee behaves inappropriately,
  • trust, respect, support and assist co-workers,
  • practice good personal hygiene and maintain appropriate PPE & dress standards
  • follow policies & procedures, state & federal awards, standards and legislation.

If any employee experiences or witnesses discrimination, harassment or workplace conflict they should inform their responsible Manager.

All employees have the right to work in an environment where they:

  • feel safe,
  • are respected and able to voice their opinion,
  • are valued for their contribution to Spectra

This policy statement shall be prominently displayed at all company worksites and is endorsed by myself as the authorised representative of Spectra.


Bridgeen Hogan

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