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This Covid Safe Plan outlines the actions that Spectra will take to prevent the likelihood of exposure to and spread of the CoronaVirus (Covid-19). It also outlines how Spectra will manage suspected and confirmed cases. This Covid Safe Plan applies to ALL employees of Spectra.

Director Responsibilities

  • Approve this plan and any necessary expenditure required to comply with this plan.
  • Report all confirmed cases to WorkSafe in the respective state or territory
  • Communicate updates relating to COVID-19
  • Ensure the requirements of this plan are adhered to in within the Spectra Team
  • Provision of suitable PPE including face masks, gloves and sanitiser.
  • Ensure that any visitors to Spectra office pre-arrange their visit and follow the requirements of this plan and notify immediately if they have contracted or been in contact with suspected/confirmed Covid-19 cases.
  • Stay home if sick
  • Adhere to client and site-specific rules relating to Covid-19 when visiting client sites.
  • Immediately advise Spectra if a site or candidate has been exposed to Covid-19

Risk Management

General Risk Controls All employees of Spectra are to adhere to state and federal government directives and regularly monitor the Australian government health alerts, websites and advice. All staff are encouraged to download and monitor the Covid-safe mobile device. All Spectra employees MUST stay home if sick.

Office Specific Risk Controls

  • Continue to implement cleaning processes with greater frequency in each area and additional cleaning of surfaces office staff between breaks and shifts.
  • All visitors are to sign in/out to the respective Spectra office for contact tracing if required.

Visiting to Client Site:

  • All Spectra employees are to follow the client specific site rules/standards when visiting the site

Social Distancing Risk Controls

  • Spectra employees are to remain 1.5 metres apart at all times
  • Spectra employees are encouraged to use their own stationery, cutlery and other equipment where possible
  • Spectra employees will carry and use alcohol-based hand sanitiser while travelling and on client’s sites.
  • Break times are to be staggered to avoid congregating in groups.
  • Wherever possible, meetings are to be held via telephone, use of mobile devices, tablets or , laptop/desktop computers.
  • If face to face meetings are required, persons are to wear masks and follow social distancing requirements.
  • Visitors coming to attend ANY Spectra office will need to pre-arrange appointments so that appropriate screening and risk controls can be determined in advance.

Hygiene Risk Controls

  • Spectra employees are to wash their hands using soap and water and use alcohol-based hand sanitise
  • Spectra employees are to maintain workplace housekeeping practices by cleaning/disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and equipment
  • Spectra employees are not to use other people’s phones, computers
  • Spectra Employees are to practice respiratory etiquette – including coughing and sneezing with elbow or tissues and not using hands

Monitoring and management of unwell employees

  • Any Spectra employees who feel unwell or have cold, flu or similar symptoms are not to attend the workplace.
  • They are to remain in their home/place of isolation, seek medical attention immediately and self-isolate until symptoms have passed and/or a negative Covid-19 test is provided.
  • A register will be maintained by Spectra of those who have reported confirmed cases of Covid-19.
  • For all cases, Spectra employees must report whom they have been in contact with and whom could potentially have been infected. Those persons are to be instructed to stand down from the workplace and get tested for the virus.

Covid-19 Response

  • In the event that any Spectra employee has a confirmed case of Covid-19 and has been in contact with other employees, the employee’s immediate manager is to direct that person to stay at home and get that the names of persons whom they have been in contact with (within the workplace) in the previous 14 days be provided. The Director and Client are to be notified and a meeting is to be held to determine next steps.
  • In the event that a Spectra employee visited a client’s site and has a confirmed case of Covid-19, the employee’s immediate manager is to contact the client and advise them of the situation.
  • In all confirmed cases, directives from the health professional or government will over-ride these actions.

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