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To ensure that all employees, regardless of language, cultural barriers, and backgrounds understand all company Work Health and Safety (WHS) policies, procedures and documentation, and their rights and obligations.

Spectra recognises that language difficulties and cultural differences can create uncertainty and misunderstanding among employees from non-English speaking backgrounds. This uncertainty and misunderstanding may also deprive them the same level of safety or awareness of their rights and responsibilities, afforded to other employees.

To overcome potential uncertainties and misunderstandings, and to achieve the goal of this policy, Spectra shall:

  • utilise the services of a translator for the applicable documentation.
  • assess English language needs and support an employee’s training program in the English language.
  • use multilingual signs as required.
  • Respect all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds

To ensure the effective management of this policy, managers and supervisors have the responsibility to assess and monitor employees to ensure they understand and comply with all Health and Safety policies, procedures and documentation.

This policy statement shall be prominently displayed at all company worksites and is endorsed by myself as the authorised representative of Spectra

Bridgeen Hogan

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