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"Spectra is committed to preventing harm to employees, subcontractors and visitors, caused by the use of drugs or alcohol in the workplace."

To achieve this goal, Spectra has the following objectives:

  1. Educate employees and subcontractors on the impacts of Drugs and Alcohol
  2. Conduct regular testing to discourage use and to prevent incidents
  3. Provide assistance for employees with drug and alcohol related issues
  4. Investigate each drug and alcohol related incident without prejudice

Responsibility and obligations of employees, contractors and consultants:

  • Have a ‘Zero’ drug and/or alcohol level at work.
  • Not possess, distribute or consume alcohol or any illicit drugs at work.
  • Take prescribed medications as directed.
  • Notify their immediate supervisor or manager when they believe someone is in breach of their responsibility and obligations.
  • Undertake random or programed alcohol and drug testing.

Employees on prescription medication have a responsibility to inform management if there is a potential their medication may affect their ability to safely perform their work duties. This information shall be held in strict confidence and duties will be modified to accommodate their situation.

Spectra understands that drug and alcohol problems may be the result of personal issues or crises. Spectra will endeavour to provide guidance and support to employees in the event that these situations occur.

The effective management of this policy is a shared responsibility between all personnel at all organisational levels and takes priority over all other operational considerations.

This policy statement shall be prominently displayed at all company worksites and is endorsed by myself as the authorised representative

Bridgeen Hogan

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