Lets talk Logistics

15 Nov 2022

🖤⭐️ Don’t miss your chance to work in one of Australia’s fastest growing and innovative industries ⭐️🖤
The Logistics industry is set to grow to 600,648 people by 2026 in Australia.

  • 57 Qualifications to obtain
  • 115 different skill sets
  • 877,651km of total road length in Australia

Fancy a career in Road Transport? 
It is diverse and financially rewarding. There are many interesting career pathways for people. New technologies are reshaping the industry with an increase in automated and semi-automated vehicles creating new skills in Digital Literacy and Data Analytics. Australia’s growth in freight and passenger movement is set to explode Nationally and Internationally. 
Fancy a career in Logistics and Warehousing?
You could be a part of Australia’s expanding Supply chain moving millions of goods around the country. Rapid advances in technology mean employers are seeking highly skilled, dynamic and energetic people who play an important role of getting products to people.
The Logistics industry is REVOLUTIONISING both Domestically and Internationally – it affects everyone, everyday!
Our team recruit Australia wide within Logistics and we have a number of rewarding careers available.
Contact our team today.




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