New Year New You

New Year, New You, New Career?

18 Mar 2022

2021 has been a year and a half across the globe Right? Are you ready for 2022 and what it has in store? What are your plans, goals, targets, expectations? Are you hoping to see friends and family again? Are you secretly wishing that covid would just be done already? Are you seeking a career change? Where does one start? So many things go through our head as we approach a New Year.

What is your current employment situation? Fancy a change? Happy where you are?

The world of work is changing. Companies are more flexible, people can work where they want and how they want and we may even get down to a 4 day working week at some point….(half day Fridays at Spectra R). Is this the complete opposite to what you’re experiencing in your current work place? If so, you probably need to think about other opportunities and explore the market because there are so many great companies putting their employees first after these crazy two years we have been living in.

I know this can be daunting especially if you have been with your current employer for a long time and it is all you know. Spectra is here to help. Come meet us for a coffee and let us take you through our amazing process of finding you a new role that really suits you! Bring the fam if you need too! We cover a range of different positions from Blue Collar to White Collar both permanent and temporary roles – take your pick! We make it easy for you, we talk through your resume, update where we need to but most of all we actually speak to the client about the superstar we have just met! We want to know your personality, your interests and what your actual goals are – these are the things our clients want to know about (the resume comes second). Attitude is key!

Employer ticking all the boxes but feeling a little bored? Hit us up. A New Year is a time to get a little challenge in your life. Register with us, explore the market, we will keep in touch and let you know of opportunities that match your personality, background, skills and expectations and all you have to do is say YAY or NAY! We are here throughout your career, not just when you are ready to fly the nest. Relationship building is key!

Here at Spectra HQ we are super excited for 2022 with a lot of exciting things happening so watch this space for our updates.

Make 2022 your year and give us a call to discuss your current employment situation!



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